Aftercare is About What Happens AFTER Rehab

Everyone thinks relapse is inevitable. And if you don’t get the right care, maybe it is.
But it doesn’t have to be.
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Aftercare Doctors starts where rehab leaves off.

Don’t wander into post-rehab alone. Don’t rely on general practitioners or psychiatrists who don’t understand the complexity of meds and the brain, and often prescribe drugs that almost GUARANTEE that you will relapse.
We are neurologists who SPECIALIZE in managing the drugs and behaviors that prevent relapse. We know what to prescribe, and in what amounts. And we know the signs that say it’s time to interrupt the path you’re on BEFORE you relapse.
Aftercare Doctors is something new in addiction treatment neurologists who see the post-rehab process in a brand new way.

Are you at the right stage of your recovery for Aftercare Doctors to help you?

Yes, you are.

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Suffering Sober

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Merry-Go Rounders

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Our understanding of the neurological and behavioral realities of recovery are what make us different.

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Don’t put off your post-rehab
care until you’re deep into a relapse.

Aftercare Doctors understand exactly what it means to fight
against relapse. It’s not a fight to take lightly, or alone.
Contact us via the web, or with a direct phone call, and we’ll
walk you through the different Aftercare makes for addicts.
Don’t face recovery without the resources you need to be
Grab the phone, make the call. We’re here, and we can help.
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Is Aftercare Doctors Truly a New Approach to Recovery?

Yes, it is.
We understand the mechanics of post rehab. Which means we know brain chemistry, and how to keep biology from undermining your commitment. And we know the behaviors, the one foot after another work of actually doing the things that help keep you on the path you want.
Neurology + Behaviors
These are the keys to real recovery, and breaking the power of relapse.
Find out more about how neurology and behavioral
programming combine
to either build you up,
or tear you down.
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Our understanding of the neurological and behavioral realities of recovery are what make us different.

Every new treatment
procedure has a story.

It came from somewhere. From someone.

Aftercare Doctors was created by Dr. Kamal Shah, a behavioral neurologist who was so uniquely positioned in addiction recovery that it’s possible that he’s the only person who could have created Aftercare.
Dr. Shah’s story traverses nearly the entire range of addiction and recovery, from his own personal struggles with addiction, to residencies at some of the world’s most
progressive treatment centers, to the uncountable hours he put into studying and understanding recovery in a new way.
Read more about Dr. Shah’s incredible journey to founding Aftercare Doctors here. It’s the story of someone who wouldn’t quit -- on himself, his patients, or on the idea that there is a better way to do rehab. That relapse isn’t inevitable.
That new insights and methods are always on the horizon, we just have to keep looking, and refusing to accept that failure is unavoidable.
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