Get Off the Rehab Merry-Go-Round!

Are you ready to close the revolving door of rehab - sobriety - relapse - and rehab again?

Do you want to truly interrupt the Addiction Failure Cycle?

It’s time to come to AfterCare.

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No, Relapse is NOT Inevitable.

It’s one of the most common beliefs in recovery -- that pretty much everyone relapses. Which is true. 95% of those who go through rehab relapse.
It’s true that nearly everyone relapses. But it doesn’t have to be!
AfterCare was literally born on the idea that maybe there is a better way to deal with impending relapse. Instead of just working the steps, going to more meetings, and trying hard, maybe a looming relapse needs DIFFERENT METHODS.
That’s what we believe. That you get off the relapse merry-go-round by following a new approach.

The AfterCare approach.

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Relapses are Predictable. Relapse Avoidance Can Be Predictable, Too.

We know that addicts across the world go through similar experiences. We’ve seen the stages of functionality, mania, anxiety, fear, terror, and using. Relapse isn’t a mystery, you can see it coming like a train down the track.
You have to learn how to derail the relapse train. To stop it from reaching its destination.
At AfterCare, we understand relapse. We have specific methods and meds and technologies to help you stop your progression to relapse.
Our system is transparent, understandable, and it works.
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We Help Real People Avoid Unnecessary Relapse

Our greatest reward is when we help someone out of the relapse spiral, and keep them on the path of sobriety.
We’ve helped merry-go-round addicts who have been to rehab three and four times, often even more than that, to interrupt the cycle. To gain power over relapse.
It doesn’t matter who you are, we can help you in new ways. We are AfterCare specialists, and we will help you not lose the great work you did in rehab to a relapse that is AVOIDABLE!

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We are here, ready to talk, to advise, and to lead. The work is yours, but you do not have to do it alone. You shouldn’t do it alone.
We empower people in recovery with new ways to fight back against relapse.
Call us. You’ll be glad you did.
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Is Aftercare Doctors Truly a New Approach to Recovery?

Yes, it is.
We understand the mechanics of post rehab. Which means we know brain chemistry, and how to keep biology from undermining your commitment. And we know the behaviors, the one foot after another work of actually doing the things that help keep you on the path you want.
Neurology + Behaviors
These are the keys to real recovery, and breaking the power of relapse.
Find out more about how neurology and behavioral
programming combine
to either build you up,
or tear you down.
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Our understanding of the neurological and behavioral realities of recovery are what make us different.
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