If your meds are right, you feel right.

Here’s a troubling idea: many people in long-term addiction recovery do NOT have their meds properly dialed in.
They just adjusted to dealing with
symptoms they don’t need to experience.

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Get Your Meds Work for you.

Not against you.
If your meds are right, you don’t live with feelings of low energy, lingering depression, racing thoughts, or constant anxiety. These feelings don’t constantly spike, or soar in intensity.
Aftercare Doctors are addiction specialists trained in getting meds right. We specialize in making sure your meds are working for you, not against you.
If you’re in long term recovery, and you’re doing the work, but want to get a better opinion on how to dial in meds specifically so they work for YOU, contact Aftercare Doctors.
Recovery is about feeling feelings -- but that doesn’t mean feeling bad because your meds aren’t right.

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Aftercare Doctors starts where rehab leaves off.

We are here to help you get the right meds that are working for you, Not against you.
Fill in the form or simply give us a call at +1 (832) 631-9091 to schedule an appointment We will get in touch with you and help you get yourself treated the right way
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Is Aftercare Doctors Truly a New Approach to Recovery?

Yes, it is.
We understand the mechanics of post rehab. Which means we know brain chemistry, and how to keep biology from undermining your commitment. And we know the behaviors, the one foot after another work of actually doing the things that help keep you on the path you want.
Neurology + Behaviors
These are the keys to real recovery, and breaking the power of relapse.
Find out more about how neurology and behavioral
programming combine
to either build you up,
or tear you down.
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Our understanding of the neurological and behavioral realities of recovery are what make us different.
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