Make Your First Time Through Rehab Your Only Time.

We Make Sure That When You Rehab, You Stay Rehabbed
Get the AfterCare you need to make rehab stick.

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Relapse is NOT Inevitable.

90% of First Timers through rehab will relapse. Why? Because they don’t get the level of aftercare they need AFTER they leave rehab.
AfterCare Doctors specializes in helping Rehab First Timers not get on the merry-go-round of rehab, to relapse, to rehab again and again.
We have a new, innovative way of working with recovering addicts to interrupt the downward spirals that can occur even after a successful rehab.
Call us BEFORE you finish rehab. Don’t let your good work go to waste because you don’t have the right support after you leave a care facility.

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Why Do First Timers Relapse?

Rehab is about gaining clarity that lets you escape the overwhelming confusion of addiction. And there are thousands of truly amazing, caring facilities around the world that do great work with those who are finally ready to accept professional help.
But the time after rehab is less “designed.” Yes, you will have support in out-patient services, and halfway houses. You have a strong community in AA. But the level of care you receive is always less than in rehab. And it’s easy for an addict to slowly move away from care.
And that’s often where relapse begins. When the level of care drops off, and there are no real resources to rely on -- especially for first-timers who may not have the fully developed community of those in long-term recovery -- relapse almost seems inevitable.
It is not.
AfterCare Doctors is designed to fill the void between rehab and fully managing your own sobriety. We understand exactly what you are going through. We know the challenges, and we supply the tools and resources you will need to hold onto the benefits of the work you did in rehab.
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How Does AfterCare Doctors Help First-Timers?

We have a multilevel system that addresses the real needs of those who have been through rehab for the first time.
(1) We manage medications. And not just via an occasional check-in -- we have a system for constantly monitoring your medication needs, so that you don’t spend days, weeks, even months on the wrong meds, or wrong doses. We don’t just guess and hope you’ll be better at the next check-in. We dial in your meds more closely than any other care system.
(2) We manage positive behaviors. Although properly managing meds are nearly always essential for a true sobriety, they’re not the whole story. We know from years of work in addiction that community and service work as powerfully -- if not more powerfully -- than the meds you take. Learning to trigger your brain’s own chemical rewards is essential in the AfterCare system.
(3) We use new technology for better results. AfterCare is about cutting-edge addiction recovery. We are constantly leveraging tech and research to develop new tools to improve recovery and avoid relapse. This includes mood trackers, meeting trackers, sharing tools, and more. When done right, technology resources your recovery in ways that just haven’t been available before. We are relentless in finding and developing tech that’s easy to use, affordable, and, above all, a true difference-maker in your path to real sobriety.

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Is AfterCare Right for You?

Are you a rehab first-timer? Are you just entering into sobriety? Are you finally ready open up and bring in all the resources out there that can help you deal with your addiction once and for all?
Then, yes, you are ready for AfterCare.
Call us today. Right now. Find out more about the help you can get managing life after rehab.
We are AfterCare Doctors. We are modernizing addiction recovery. One addict at a time.
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Is Aftercare Doctors Truly a New Approach to Recovery?

Yes, it is.
We understand the mechanics of post rehab. Which means we know brain chemistry, and how to keep biology from undermining your commitment. And we know the behaviors, the one foot after another work of actually doing the things that help keep you on the path you want.
Neurology + Behaviors
These are the keys to real recovery, and breaking the power of relapse.
Find out more about how neurology and behavioral
programming combine
to either build you up,
or tear you down.
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Our understanding of the neurological and behavioral realities of recovery are what make us different.
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