Are You Sober, But Still Suffering?

Maybe the biggest category in the recovery community is the Silently Suffering Sober. Those who have reached some stability, maybe even in a long-term, decade- long sobriety, but they still don’t feel… right.
They still feel the pain of addiction, they just have learned to accept pain as a constant in life.
Which is worth our admiration. But which ISN’T NECESSARY!
A real recovery isn’t saddled with constant pain, resistance, and suffering.
A real recovery isn’t saddled with constant pain, resistance, and suffering.
A real recovery is about getting things so right that YOU are right.
That’s what AfterCare is after. To help you to the sober part, and help you let go of the suffering part.

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Can You Really Stay Sober Without Suffering?

Yes. You can. You can be sober, and not in pain. You can do more than silently “taking it.”

But you need help.
That’s what AfterCare offers to the long-term sober community -- true insight, ideas, and specific methods about getting not just to suffering levels, or to neutral levels, but to actual happiness, contentment, and a sense of real comfort about your sobriety.
How do we achieve this mythical “nirvana” of non-suffering sobriety?

Read on.

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Suffering Goes Away When the Right Ideas are Applied in the Right Ways

At AfterCare, we don’t just guess about what’s happening with you. We monitor it. We take in constant information, often in real time. We want to KNOW how you feel, what isn’t right, what your mind and body are doing. Because when you have real information about a client, you can make accurate adjustments.
Checking in once in awhile with a psychiatrist who will try to adjust dosages and meds month over month to “get them right” isn’t enough. To get your programming right, the feedback loop between you and your care professional needs to be way more specific, way more frequent, and way more sophisticated than that.
At AfterCare, we leverage every piece of technology, and every opportunity to get information that will let us really understand, and treat the specific problems you are feeling and experiencing in your recovery.
At AfterCare, we don’t guess. We gather.
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Don’t Avoid Getting Help Because You Believe You are Unhelpable

It’s very common in recovery communities for people to find a bearable space, and stay there. You’ve had unsuccessful experiences with trying to go farther than just neutral. You’ve been let down by professionals, and systems that promise they can help, but they just don’t.
But you are not unhelpable. And all systems are not doomed to fail you.
AfterCare is built to be different. To dial in, to understand, to properly diagnose, and to bring new ideas and techniques to supporting the kind of long-term sobriety people should want -- one that isn’t just based on suffering in silence.

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If You’re a Sober Long-Timer, Call Us to See What’s New and Available to You Now

We believe in innovating addiction recovery. We believe there are new ways to help even the long-standing sober make their sobriety better.
We don’t believe in suffering. We believe in helping you get to ways of feeling you may have given up on ever reaching.
Call us to talk more about what is truly possible for your sobriety, with AfterCare.
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Is Aftercare Doctors Truly a New Approach to Recovery?

Yes, it is.
We understand the mechanics of post rehab. Which means we know brain chemistry, and how to keep biology from undermining your commitment. And we know the behaviors, the one foot after another work of actually doing the things that help keep you on the path you want.
Neurology + Behaviors
These are the keys to real recovery, and breaking the power of relapse.
Find out more about how neurology and behavioral
programming combine
to either build you up,
or tear you down.
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Our understanding of the neurological and behavioral realities of recovery are what make us different.
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