Our Mission

We provide a cutting-edge approach to addiction medicine, helping our clients interrupt the relapse cycle through careful identification and prevention. We are taking the mystery out of brain health, one recovered patient at a time.

Who We Are

Aftercare Doctors is named after our approach to addiction medicine and mental health in general. We are founded in the idea that our brain, particularly the limbic system, can recover with an informed clinical approach. Though years in the making, our first clinic was established in 2021 in conjunction with an existing practice owned by our founder. Rising in the well-established recovery hub that is Houston, Texas, we are comprised by a team of professionals who are intimately familiar with the addiction and recovery process.

Facing Facts

We have all seen the same story play out, time and again, where an individual seeking recovery finds themselves bouncing from one center to the next. Office after office, facility after facility, program after program, there is a lack of continuity and stability in the transitions. More than anyone, addicts and substance abuse patients need a stable, structured, consistent approach to their treatment in order to build long-term success in recovery.

What Can We Do?

Our goal is to work with our patients to build a sustainable treatment plan that supports your recovery at every stage. Whether you have days, weeks, months, or years of recovery experience, we understand the obstacles you face as a recovering individual. We can help you build a life of recovery with medicated support and informed care, no matter where you are in your journey or how long you have been on it.

Why It Matters?

Recovery is not a one-stop shop, and it is not effectively treated at a one-stop facility. In order to build sustained progress, there is a need for sustained support. By working with our clients to find courses of treatment that continue to work and result in progress, we build a better foundation upon which a recovered life can be built and expanded upon. With dedicated, consistent, and unparalleled care, we hope to support you in creating the addiction-free life you deserve.
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