Aftercare Doctors offers patient services (TX only) and recovery coaching (USA).

Everyone thinks relapse is inevitable. And if you don’t get the right care, maybe it is.
But it doesn’t have to be.
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About the Coaching

Individual coaching provides personalized guidance to help you excel in your personal and professional life. Our coaches will work with you to identify your goals, develop strategies for overcoming obstacles, and track your progress.

Mood Mastery Program for Addiction

Our most highly recommended program, and a really important foundation to start with.  A structured and personalized coaching program designed to help individuals understand and effectively manage their mood disorders with the aid of mood tracking technology.
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Family Focused: Family Embrace Program

A specialized program providing families with the tools to support loved ones in managing mood disorders, enhancing family dynamics in addiction recovery.
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Support Network: Circle of Support Program

A dedicated initiative to train and empower friends and support networks in understanding mood disorders for effective backing in addiction recovery.
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Executives: Executive Equilibrium Program

A discreet, high-impact coaching solution for professionals to master mood disorders while maintaining their career and personal life balance.
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Youth: Youth Mood Mentoring Program

Tailored for younger individuals, this program combines mood mastery with age-appropriate support for navigating addiction recovery.
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Digital Detox: Digital Harmony Program

A program dedicated to helping individuals reduce digital dependency, promoting healthier mood management without the constant digital noise.
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Substance: Substance-Specific Serenity Program

Personalized coaching that addresses the unique mood challenges associated with specific substance dependencies for more targeted recovery support.
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Holistic: Holistic Wellness Coaching

An all-encompassing approach to addiction recovery, integrating mood management with physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness techniques.
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Crisis Intervention: Crisis Calm Coaching

Immediate, expert-led coaching support designed to navigate through crisis by stabilizing mood disorders during critical phases of addiction recovery.
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